Week 1

Hello family! Wow this week has been so amazing! I can not believe how happy I am and just everything that has happened. Its hard to put everything I’m feeling into words. So I love my district we are all sisters so its a lot of fun and all of our teachers are brothers so they think we are all crazy but they are SO awesome. We have Brother Johnson who is just the best guy in the world he has been a teacher at the MTC for 4 years but we are his last district because he is about to start his job as a seminary teacher, then we have Brother Norris he served with Cody in Alaska. He is super awesome and is really good at helping us get the most out of the scriptures and PMG. Then we have Brother Jaen, he is from Mexico and he is so funny he calls himself a sassy Latino. I also love all the sisters in my district (they call us a sisdrict). Me and my companion are the sister training leaders and since we don’t have any elders we have to do a lot more work that zone leaders would do. But we are still loving it. We had to welcome all the new missionaries into our zone last night and it was just crazy because we had to give them a tour and stuff and I felt like I barely knew what I was talking about.

I have just been having the best time though! my companion Sister Hoffman is the sweetest person in the world I love her so much! She is so positive and awesome! She has a twin here at the MTC but she is going to Oregon and my companion is going to California, San Fernando. She leaves Monday and I leave Tuesday so it will be pretty sad when we have to part.
I feel so blessed this week. We got to hear from Elder Holland at devotional. He is just so amazing he expects a lot from missionaries but he also loves us so much. It is just so cool that i am only here for a little bit and only one devotional and I got to hear from him!
We have a few investigators here at the MTC. One is Roberto who for a long time just told us that he just wanted to know more about the church but he did not believe anything but he told us yesterday that he prayed and he would read the Book of Mormon and then we have Barbara who is so awesome she is from New Jersey and she just wanted to know more about the Church. I know that my investigators here are most likely members but I still just get so excited when they come closer to Christ. I can see a light in their eyes and the spirit when we teach is so strong. Barbara likes to ask a lot of hard questions and that was something I was so scared for before I came but I always know a scripture that helps or my companion will know the answer.  It just always works out and it is the BEST! I have just been trying to take everything in and it has been truly amazing! I have never been so happy and I know with all my heart this is where I need to be.
It’s also really cool because I have been able to use my Russian again! There are a few missionaries here that are going to Russia and its cool to talk to them but I would still not want to be them. Its been hard waking up super early but I’m starting to get used to it. I have already had some pretty embarrassing things happen like on the first day there was a huge gust of wind and my skirt just flew right up and I yelled and everyone looked at me… on man I died! Then just yesterday we were playing volleyball and this guy kicked the volleyball and it hit me right in the gut. It didn’t hurt but everyone still just looked at me… so that was fun. I could go on forever about how much I love this place it makes me so sad to leave I feel so safe and comfortable here.
I love you all so much and I hope you are all doing really well.

Love, SIster Kappel

IMG_3235[1] (1)DSCN4033



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