Week 2

Hello Everyone! I am in Boise I got here on the 2nd! I am in the Meridian West 7th Stake, in the Parkside and Paragrine Ward! I love it here. My companion is Sister Facer.  She is also a redhead so its been a lot of fun. She is from Texas and she goes home in August. I have been learning a ton! Its been a little hard getting used to the missionary life but I love it! We are teaching a few people right now. One of the ladies we are teaching is named Yoseli.  She is 22 and has two little kids.  She wants to be baptized but is worried that it will make her husband mad. She is pretty cool though she used to be in a gang. When I first thought about Boise I didn’t really think about gangs. She actually isn’t in our area but there are elders in her area and she likes sisters better! This week was a lot of fun.  I had to be in a ward talent show and my companion wanted to do cup song like the one from Pitch Perfect but with words from the first lesson about the restoration… I had to learn it the night before and well, you could tell but whatever the members still liked it. Almost everyone here has a cat and I feel like I am going to die. One guy that we teach has a cat and he sheds more than anything I have ever seen in my life! He just walked past me while I was sitting down and I had cat hair all over me and in my mouth. One thing i was really happy about when I got called to Boise was that I wouldn’t have to eat anything gross but there have been a few times when cat hair is part of my meal.  I think I would rather eat Russian food. I still love it here though and I am so happy! I can’t believe that I have been here for almost a week! Time is so weird on missions!

Love,Sister Kappel



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