Week 3

10 Things I’m Grateful For This Week

1- Last P day I learned how to play rugby. I was playing with my zone and we have a few elders from Tonga and they are huge so that was fun!

2- On Monday my companion and I were teaching a lesson and when we were done she wanted to go visit an older couple who lived down the street. We walked down to their house and saw the old man, Brother Hinkley unloading groceries so we helped him and when his wife saw us she asked her husband where did you find these helpers and he just said ” I pick up ladies everywhere I go” he’s 81… haha I love them.  They both have a lot of heath problems so they were thankful for the help.

3- Our Investigator, Yoseli, said the prayer in our lesson on Wednesday.  It was the first time I’ve heard her pray. She also told us that her and her son read out of the Book of Mormon before they went to bed! My heart is just so happy!!!!!

4- We have a car! It got to 101 degrees and we were dying just walking from the car to doors! I don’t know how missionaries in AZ do it! There are some elders here that ride bikes.  I feel so bad for them!

5- For dinner on Saturday we had steak which was really good but we also had rice with guacamole on top.  It was…different. We eat really good here! Last night for dinner we had breakfast for dinner and it was so good! They made pancakes with cinnamon chips in them! I will never eat plain pancakes again!

6- I can feel the spirit helping me teach! One of my biggest fears was not being a good teacher.  But, I am learning that all I need to do is work hard, study, and make sure I have the spirit with me and that He will help me so much!

7- For district meeting this week we had interviews with the mission president, President Windor! He is so awesome! I am so thankful for all that he does for us and for the love he has for us.

8- I got my first investigator! We are teaching a few different investigators but they were all found before I got here. On Saturday we went to talk to a lady who had met with the missionaries once a long time ago. We just talked to her for a little bit and i just told her that we would love to teach her again and that we could just teach her the lessons and if she had any questions we would be there to answer them and she said yes! I can’t wait to meet with her!

9- We were teaching a lesson in the church one evening.  When we were saying the prayer, we heard this sound coming from the trash can. After the prayer we went to look in it.  We didn’t see anything so i kicked it a little bit and a little mouse popped up and was trying to jump out of the can! I freaked out but luckily the lady we were teaching was brave enough to pick it up and take it outside!

10- Tomorrow is my birthday! I’m going to be 21!!!

IMG_3360[1] (1)


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