Week 5

This week has been crazy but good!  It went by so fast!

Last Monday we biked the Greenbelt and it was super pretty. We borrowed some bikes from our ward mission leader. It was awesome but I am so thankful that I have a car!
The work is so bittersweet here!  We got two new investigators this week, a mom and a daughter.  The Dad is a member but less active. They want to be baptized but we found out that she is on parole so she will have to wait.  Her daughter Miracle (that’s her name) is so sweet! They are actually not in our area but really wanted sisters to teach them.  Also, our lesson with Susan went AWESOME!  She said she would read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon and we are meeting with her again on Tuesday!  Another amazing thing happened!  Our investigator Jon came to church yesterday!  He said he has a lot of questions now but he loved it and he said he would come back!  He is older and is an engineer so he has one of those minds that just thinks about everything.  When we where teaching him about Nephi coming across the sea he wanted to know which direction they came and how long it took them and all these things. Just this past week we were teaching him about The Plan of Salvation and oh boy!  He just has so many questions he started asking about deja vu…I’m happy he asks questions though because it shows that he is thinking and that he has an open mind.
On the other hand, the work can be so hard!  We had two open houses this week, one at a new church held by the stake and one at one of our buildings put on by some other sisters.  We didn’t have any investigators at the one held by the missionaries and we only had one investigator come to the one held by the stake!  Its just hard but we will keep working hard! Also, our investigator Yoseli hasn’t been answering our calls or texts and she is never home when we stop by.
These kind of things just make me think about why Adam and Eve needed to eat the fruit so that we can know the bitter and the sweet. I have learned so much this week and I truly love it here even if it is hard.  Because I know that the good things wouldn’t feel as good if we didn’t have the hard things.
We had exchanges this week and it was so fun!  And I hucked some hay! I wore shorts and a t shirt and I never knew how scratchy hay was.  My legs and arms are pretty bad but it was fun!  It was a good workout 98 bales of hay!  It has been crazy hot here.  Yesterday was 110 but we found out on Saturday that we get free shaved ice from this little shack and it is the best! I love my mission!
Love, Sister Kappel

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