Week 7

This week has been so amazing. SO many miracles!!!!

This week started out kind of slow.  We didn’t have very many appointments and it was the last week of the transfer.  There were a few people from our district going home so we were trying to get ready for the changes. We also were still a little bummed that our investigator Yoseli hadn’t contacted us in two weeks. BUT… on Tuesday afternoon we saw the first miracle happen. We were eating lunch and we got a call form Yoseli asking us if we could come over. We stuffed our food in our mouths and went straight to her house. She started telling us that she had been having a hard time and that she was pretty sure her and her husband were getting a divorce. She told us how his drinking problem has gotten worse and how he has stopped going to work and just goes to bars and other bad places. THEN she starts telling us how she has been praying about being baptized and how she wants to.  So we talked with her and set a date for AUGUST 15th! It was amazing! Then the next time we visited with her I really felt like we needed to teach tithing.  Sis.Facer was a little nervous because she has been having a hard time with money and will have an even harder time if she gets a divorce! But we both prayed about it and it still felt right so when we went over there the next day and taught her about tithing.  She loved it and she had no problems with it. She has had help from the church before so she was more than willing and understanding of the law.

The other “miracle” we had this week was with our investigator, Miracle.  When we went over to teach her and her family she told us that she wanted to be baptized! We set a date for her on AUGUST 1st!!!!

My heart is just so happy and full of so much love for the people I am teaching and for God and our Savior Jesus Christ. It is amazing how you can see the way he prepares people to receive the Gospel.

This week has also been absolutely NUTS! So many crazy things have happened. Sometimes Idaho feels like another country.  Some of the people here are SO weird!

When we were at Miracle’s house teaching her, she asked us to pray for her because her bunny rabbit died a year ago but… He is still in the freezer and sometimes she sees his little fluffy body and she gets really sad again! When she was telling me this I had to use every once of me to not die laughing or run out of the house to throw up! I guess they want to get it cremated but it costs a lot of money so they just keep it in the freezer until they can afford to cremate him.

Another interesting thing happened when we were teaching this really old less active man named George in our ward.  He recently had his 50+ year old son come and live with him and his son is not a member. We go over to his house every week to teach a lesson and then play Chinese checkers to help his motor skills after his stroke. We were teaching a lesson and had our ward mission leader and his wife there when George’s son comes walking through the living room with nothing on but a saggy diaper… he went into the kitchen and got something then just walked right back through our lesson. It was awkward and also hilarious!

We had transfers this week and I am staying here with Sister Facer! That means that I will be her last companion before she goes home! I love it here so much! I LOVE THIS CHURCH, I LOVE THE GOSPEL, AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!

P.S. Its been raining a lot and I love it!!!


Sister Kappel



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