September 11, 2015

The work is progressing but not without a few crazies.

So I just want to start by saying that I love being a missionary some times I wake up and I remember that I am a missionary and my heart is just so happy! I love this work! We have had some pretty memorable nights this week. Our lessons with Susan and Jon were so amazing.  They are both praying about being baptized. It is the best feeling ever when you can feel the spirit so strong in a lesson.  Then, you say something that you weren’t planning on saying but they tell you that what you just said was exactly what they needed.  Then you are like, “Wait, what did I just say”… We have been able to meet a few new people this week and talk to them about the Church. Last night we talked to these guys barbecuing outside.  They asked us if we were nuns haha but that gave us a great opportunity to talk to them about the church.  We gave one of the guys a Book of Mormon.  He told us that he read the Bible in prison and it helped a lot so he was excited to read the Book of Mormon. In Preach my Gospel it talks about how a lot of people are looking for the gospel.  They just don’t know it yet. I know, that as I learn more about the Gospel, my heart fills with so much love and I can’t imagine not having it.
So the crazies this week. Well, one of our less active members that we are teaching had a crazy panic attack this week while we were with him.  I thought he had stopped breathing and it totally freaked me out.  His wife told me to give him some water so I got a cup of water and started pouring it down his throat.  Don’t really know if that was a good idea but he started coughing all over me… I was sufficiently grossed out but I guess it was worth him not dying.
Life is good though.  I am thankful for the crazy people here because they remind me of my family hehe! I’m just kidding but I love it here!
Well, I hope you all have a good week!
I’m about to go to the temple!!!!
Love you all!

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