September 21, 2015

We have a mission goal to get 400 baptisms by the end of the year and well, we only have like 154 or something so we still need a lot. The leaders of the mission had a meeting about it and were trying to figure out if they should change it or not.  In the meeting they all felt the spirit witness to them that if we work hard and get the members involved that we would be able to reach that goal of 400. The Lord has prepared 400 people this year for the Gospel and it is our job to find them. We have been working really hard with the members.  Getting them involved and excited about missionary work. We have been getting so many referrals.  It has been awesome!

I have been really working on fully consecrating myself to the work. I love being a missionary and I LOVE the blessings I have received in my life because of the Gospel. I know that the Church is true and we are the only church that has the fullness of the Gospel We have temples and the Priesthood authority directly from God! How exciting is that?!!  I Invite you all to think about the blessings you have received from the Gospel and share them! Everyone deserves to know that the true church has been restored! I invite you to pray for missionary experiences and I can promise you that if you have the desire to do missionary work and the faith that God will give you the opportunity to share the Gospel that you will be able to find someone to share the Gospel with.  I can promise you that as you do missionary work that you will feel closer to your Heavenly Father.  Your faith will grow and your testimony will increase! I know this because I have seen it in my life.  I have found so much joy in serving our Heavenly Father and sharing the Gospel.

This week has gone by so fast! It has been a little rough because Yoseli was suppose to be baptized on the 19th but she is still having a hard time coming to church. She is having a hard time with her marriage and I just want to be able to fix everything for her. I want to be able to just make her husband be a good father and make her come to church and have her whole family be baptized but no, they have their agency.  This must be what it is like for parents… sorry mom and dad I should have just listened to you! I know that Heavenly Father has his own timing and that he has a plan for Yoseli and for all the people we are teaching.  I know that his plan for them is way better then my plan for them. We have been able to see some cool things this week.  A lady, that I have been trying to contact since I came on my mission, finally opened her door.  She came to church on Sunday.  A father of a family that I love so much, who hasn’t been to church in over a year, came to church! Patience can be a hard thing to learn but when you have to wait for something it is so much sweeter!

I hope you all have a good week and if you have any cool missionary moments this week I would LOVE to hear them!

Oh, and I got to be a lunch lady this week!


Sister Kappel

lunch lady

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