October 19, 2015

The weather here has been a little crazy.  It will be cool in the mornings but by noon it gets pretty hot. This week has been a lot more like fall though because it’s been rainy and cool out. There was another fire and it made the air super bad!  When you walked outside you could barely see the house across the street but the rain helped with that a lot.

This week was full of miracles! On Wednesday I had a prompting that we should go visit a less active family that our bishop told us about. He told us that we would probably want to go over in the day time because the husband wouldn’t be there and we might be able to have  little more success. When we visited them the husband was there and you could tell that he was a little stand offish.  But, after talking to him and his family for a little bit he said that we should come and teach their family the lessons… What! I told him that he couldn’t joke around with missionaries about that kind of stuff.  He said “no really I think it would be good for us” .  So we made an appointment for the next day and it was awesome.  We have another appt. with them this week! We also found another investigator last week by visiting less actives.  She is dating a less active family’s son! We have an appointment with her tonight! Oh, and last night we had another awesome experience with a less active family.  Their 14 year old daughter goes to church every Sunday alone.  We had a half hour before we needed to be home last night so we went and visited them.  Little did we know this past week was their son’s 8th birthday. We talked to them about getting him baptized and getting their whole family to the temple. The dad went on a mission and both parents say they still have a testimony. I honestly can’t understand how someone could go on a mission and then come home and become less active. It just shows me the importance of having faith and holding onto it! I loved Elder James B. Martino’s talk in conference. He talked about how we can get answers to prayers and how we need to have real intent.  As we have hard times we need to try and remember the times when Christ has spoken peace to us. He said “what greater witness then of Jesus Christ.”.   Heavenly Father will not force us to have faith in him.  We HAVE to have the desire and want to believe.

Oh, and by the way, JON CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY AND THE CHILI COOKOFF ON SATURDAY! He is progressing so well I am so excited but I know that everything is all on the Lords time.

Sister Kappel


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