Week 12

Sister Facer’s last full week. This past week was pretty busy and this coming week will be even more crazy but I have and will love every second of it! I love being on a mission. I love the good times but I also love the hard times because they make the good times that much better!

This past week we had zone conference and that meeting was life changing for me. It was like a mini MTC. We had a guy come who was our Mission President’s Stake President in Utah. He was so amazing! He talked about Christ’s life and some of the different miracles that he did. He talked about when Christ fed the 5000 with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. He told us a story about when he was younger he hated public speaking. He would try to avoid it as much as possible but eventually he was asked to speak in sacrament meeting. He talked about Job but he was pronouncing it like job (where you work).  While he was speaking, he could see all his friends in the back laughing at him but he didn’t know why. At the end of his talk, the Bishop and a few other people came up to him and told him that he did good. Then, when he saw his friends, he asked them why they were laughing and they just told him how he was saying Job wrong. He then told himself that he would never speak in sacrament or in public again. He was mad at the Bishop and everyone who told him that he did good. He felt like they were making fun of him but when he got in the car to go home his dad, who never came to church but came to hear him speak, said that he did good and that he had a talent. He knew that his Dad didn’t have to say that so he thought well, maybe I will try it again. Now he is a seminary teacher and a stake president.  He explained to us how Christ multiplied him. Christ can multiply all of us beyond anything we could do on our own. He gives us strength and like it says in Philippians 4:13 “We can do all things through Christ which strengthens us”.

I loved this message and I hope you like it too.

This week there was a fire on the boarder of Oregon and Idaho.  I guess it was started by lightning, I don’t know if it is still going or not.  The smoke has been so bad that some mornings, when we walk outside there is ash on our car. My eyes and allergies have been going crazy but it is starting to clear up. It also makes the sunsets so beautiful.

Well I hope you all have a good week!

Love, Sister Caitlin Kappel

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Week 11

This past week has been so amazing! I feel so blessed to have been able to see Miracle be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. This might sound cheesy but as I watched the font fill up before the baptism my heart was just so full of love! I know why I am here on a mission and I haven’t had any doubts or regrets about it.  But as I looked at that water and then later saw Miracle be baptized, my love for the work was reinforced. I love the Gospel so much and I know that it will bless the lives of everyone who hears it. I just need to open my mouth and share it! I love in Ephesians 6: 11-17 it talks about putting on the armour of God.  As you look at it, there are a lot of things to protect us but the only thing that we have to “fight” with is the sword of the spirit which is the word of God. Then, in verse 19, it talks about opening our mouths and being bold and sharing the Gospel. I love this because it gives me the courage I need to speak up and share what I love so much and what I know is true. 

We had a lesson with our investigator, Susan.  She told us at the beginning that she just wanted to talk to us to learn more about the church but, when we had a lesson with her this past week, we asked her if the things we had taught her helped her feel closer to Christ.  She said yes and also she told us that she loved talking to us because we had words for all the things she has felt and believed in her life. I love that because the things we teach people aren’t anything new. They are eternal truths that we have all learned before. I love being a missionary! I invite everyone who reads this to go out and talk to someone this week about the church and share the good news that Christ’s church has been restored! Don’t be scared. You will have help and remember that the gospel can only bless their lives. 
I love you all and hope that you all have a good week! 
Love, Sister Kappel 
Miracle’s baptism!

Week 10

This week has been super busy but that is a good thing when it comes to missionary work! Every week we see so many miracles everyday. Sometimes it is just a less active coming to church or seeing a change of heart in one of our investigators. My favorite part of being a missionary is being able to share my testimony everyday, not just on fast Sunday. Something I have been thinking a lot about this week is how I gained my testimony that the church is true, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that God is a loving Heavenly Father. I thought about all the different things I have done in my life and all the trials I have had and all the amazing times I have had. I realized that there was never a time that I just “got” my testimony but that it grows. Every time I have a prayer answered or something happens that shows me that Heavenly Father knows me and loves me. Even sometimes when I feel like giving up but somehow things work out and I make it through the day or even the hour.

Heavenly Father and Christ are always there for us.  They will never leave us alone. As we try to look at the big picture, we can see God’s hand in everything and that can testify to us of God’s love.

I know that this Church is true! I know it with all my heart! I know that there are times when I do have doubts but I think of all the times in my life that I know I have had divine help!

I invite everyone to think about how their testimonies and if you don’t have one or you don’t think you have one, think about the times in your life when you felt like giving up but you didn’t.  Why didn’t you give up? Also, think about the amazing times in your life, what made them amazing?

Here is a picture of Miracle and I! I love her so much! She is getting baptized August 8th!

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Week 9

This week has been one crazy week but it has been super good! Sister Facer only has four weeks left so we have been really trying to work as hard as we can so that she can finish strong and it helps her not think about home as much! We have been able to teach a ton of less actives this week. I am so happy that summer is ending because it seems that everyone is coming home and we can teach them!

A miracle this week was with our little investigator Miracle.  Her mom, Dawn, has been having a hard time because she think that Miracle wants to be baptized for the wrong reason. So we have been praying a ton that her heart would be softened and she would let Miracle be baptized and on Monday Dawn got really sick.  She had to go to the hospital and we had some people from her ward go and give her a blessing.  We went to their house on Tuesday to check up with them.  Dawn talked to us and said that she was thinking about getting baptized and how she thinks Miracle should get baptized on the 8th so that their former bishop could come. My love for them has just grown so much! I am so thankful that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to let me teach them!

Pioneer day was fun we did a pioneer walk and the missionaries were scattered along the walk.  We had to read a scripture or a quote or sing a song and the people on the walk would have to write it down.  If they got them all, they would get a prize at the end. Sister Facer and I had to sing Come, Come ye Saints like 100 times but it was fun and we were in the shade at least.

Nothing too crazy happened this week. Well, actually when we were teaching Miracle the law of Chastity she told us that she would at least wait till she was 13 to have a baby and get married so I’m thankful that we were able to teach her that law. Haha! She is so funny!  She just says whatever comes to her mind but that is exactly what her parents are like. Oh, and at dinner last night we were eating with a family outside and  the dog comes up to us holding a dead, well dying, chicken in its mouth… only in Idaho…

Well I love you all and hope that you have an awesome week! NEVER forget that Heavenly Father loves you more than you will ever know and that you can turn to Him if you are EVER having a hard time!!!!!

Love, Sister Kappel XOXO

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Ice cream that looks like a potato

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me and Sis. Facer

Week 8

Another week in the best mission in the world! this week has been pretty good! On Wednesday the lady we live with was getting a knew couch and so she asked us if we could have the Elders come over and help her move her old ones out and new one in. We were talking to her about what she was going to do with her old couches and said she was just going to give them to DI and we told her how we had an investigator who just had her couches taken away because she couldn’t afford the payments on them.  We asked if we could give her old couches to her and she said of course! So we called our investigator and asked if she wanted these new couches and she got so excited! She has a little 4 year old boy who was super mad when they had to get rid of their couch.  When we came to drop off the couch he was SO happy! His mom told us that she hasn’t seen him that happy in a long time! It made me really thankful for everything I have in my life! Especially with pioneer day coming up.  I am just so thankful for what they did, all they sacrificed for us so that we could have religious freedom. I don’t think I could have done what the pioneers did.  As I think about what they did for us it makes me want to work harder to be better and to become the best missionary I can be. I want to share the good news with everyone! I know this church is true and I know that the only reason that this church hasn’t been destroyed is because it is true and that we have God on our side. I love you all and hope that you have an awesome week and an awesome pioneer day!

Love, Sister Caitlin Kappel
Here are a few random pics.  Us and Sis. Hollenbeck who just got baptized a few months ago and us playing slot cars last p-day.

Week 7

This week has been so amazing. SO many miracles!!!!

This week started out kind of slow.  We didn’t have very many appointments and it was the last week of the transfer.  There were a few people from our district going home so we were trying to get ready for the changes. We also were still a little bummed that our investigator Yoseli hadn’t contacted us in two weeks. BUT… on Tuesday afternoon we saw the first miracle happen. We were eating lunch and we got a call form Yoseli asking us if we could come over. We stuffed our food in our mouths and went straight to her house. She started telling us that she had been having a hard time and that she was pretty sure her and her husband were getting a divorce. She told us how his drinking problem has gotten worse and how he has stopped going to work and just goes to bars and other bad places. THEN she starts telling us how she has been praying about being baptized and how she wants to.  So we talked with her and set a date for AUGUST 15th! It was amazing! Then the next time we visited with her I really felt like we needed to teach tithing.  Sis.Facer was a little nervous because she has been having a hard time with money and will have an even harder time if she gets a divorce! But we both prayed about it and it still felt right so when we went over there the next day and taught her about tithing.  She loved it and she had no problems with it. She has had help from the church before so she was more than willing and understanding of the law.

The other “miracle” we had this week was with our investigator, Miracle.  When we went over to teach her and her family she told us that she wanted to be baptized! We set a date for her on AUGUST 1st!!!!

My heart is just so happy and full of so much love for the people I am teaching and for God and our Savior Jesus Christ. It is amazing how you can see the way he prepares people to receive the Gospel.

This week has also been absolutely NUTS! So many crazy things have happened. Sometimes Idaho feels like another country.  Some of the people here are SO weird!

When we were at Miracle’s house teaching her, she asked us to pray for her because her bunny rabbit died a year ago but… He is still in the freezer and sometimes she sees his little fluffy body and she gets really sad again! When she was telling me this I had to use every once of me to not die laughing or run out of the house to throw up! I guess they want to get it cremated but it costs a lot of money so they just keep it in the freezer until they can afford to cremate him.

Another interesting thing happened when we were teaching this really old less active man named George in our ward.  He recently had his 50+ year old son come and live with him and his son is not a member. We go over to his house every week to teach a lesson and then play Chinese checkers to help his motor skills after his stroke. We were teaching a lesson and had our ward mission leader and his wife there when George’s son comes walking through the living room with nothing on but a saggy diaper… he went into the kitchen and got something then just walked right back through our lesson. It was awkward and also hilarious!

We had transfers this week and I am staying here with Sister Facer! That means that I will be her last companion before she goes home! I love it here so much! I LOVE THIS CHURCH, I LOVE THE GOSPEL, AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!

P.S. Its been raining a lot and I love it!!!


Sister Kappel


Week 6

This week has been really good! Lots of good lessons and 4th of July! I have really been able to see Gods love for His children this week! I have felt his love and I know that the people we are teaching have felt it too. I have been thinking a lot about the scripture in 1st Nephi 1:20 where it says “I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance.”

A tender mercy I had this week was on the 4th of July.  It is one of my favorite holidays and I was so sad that I wasn’t going to be able to see any fireworks.  We had to be in by 8 and it doesn’t even start getting dark here till a little before 10. We were home and just finished our daily planning and we started hearing a ton of booms and we went outside to see if we could see anything but all the houses and trees were in the way.  Just when I was telling Sister Facer that we lived on the most boring street with almost all old people, a man and a woman, two houses down from us came outside. They were the parents of a younger couple in our ward and they told us that we were in for a show! Their son had got a ton of fireworks from Wyoming and was going to light them right in front of our house. They were huge! We had ash falling all over us but it was so awesome! I am just so thankful for the little things that happen everyday that show me that Heavenly Father loves me!
Also it was a miracle that the dog of the lady we live with woke up the morning after the 4th. She told us that she gave her dog triple the recommended dose of medication! She’s crazy but we have a lot of fun!
I love you all and hope you have an awesome week and make sure you are paying attention to the tender mercies God shows you!
Sister Caitlin Kappel